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Part Number 76-356
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The CPR MICROKEY-plus is the standard in barrier protection while giving rescue breaths during CPR. The MICROKEY-plus is a microshield-plus stored in a key ring pouch. The "plus" indicates the shield is the latest generation in face shields with a larger plastic barrier and a shorter bite block that accomodates pediatric patients. This one size fits all CPR MICROSHIELD-plus offers a 6” X 6” (15 X 15 cm) barrier shield along with a 2 cm bite block/airway tunnel that works for both adults and children. The filter, which provides additional protection, is located above the one-way valve to eliminate contact with the victim’s fluids. The compact key pouch, offers the convenience of having your protection readily available for all unexpected situations. The attractive nylon pouch is available in orange and black.
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